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Event Years
Acquisitions 2003-2010
Arts workshops 2003-2006
Campaigns 2005-2010
Exhibitions 2003-2007
Kids Workshops 2004-2006
Members & Friends 2003-

(ISFF) aimed at two types of participants, the first is the filmmakers and production companies and the second is the Iraqi audiences, we want to provide an opportunity for filmmakers to meet each other's and equal the production companies, local and international donors, and give them a good opportunity to show their films in large event inside Iraq.

The Contemporary Visual Arts Society is an independent non governmental artistic and cultural organization. It has been established by a number of Iraqi artists, masters of art, critics, journalists and students of art who are concerned for contemporary visual arts and under the supervision of specialized legal advisors. It is considered the first Iraqi cultural organization to be established after April 2003 in Iraq.

since its inception CVAS organize a large number of activities, in a high level quality, these activities shown across a large number of activities inside and outside of Iraq that CVAS is worthy of deal with task of developing the present situation of Iraqi cultural activities, CVAS activities has always attracted Iraqi yearning audience.
International media covered many of these activities in addition of considerably caring of Iraqi media since 2003.

CVAS cares about dedicating the active participation of the Iraqi intellectual in taking the moral historical responsibility for what is happening in the country in this hard period, CVAS has stated since it has been established to issue cultural informative statements that cleanly mark the national and intellectual attitude of its members.
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